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8 Things About Google Chrome you Have never known

Rolled out first in the year 2008, Google Chrome has gained widespread popularity in a short time. At present, almost everyone uses this search engine platform for their regular search needs on the internet. No matter how many years you have used this popular browser, there are some things that you still may not know. Below we have a list of the top 8 less-known things about the platform that you have never noticed before:

Guest Mode for others

There are many instances when people borrow your laptop or PC for temporary use. Most people are now very conscious about their stuff, so you probably don’t want others to see your searches and bookmarks. For this, Chrome allows a Guest mode feature that you may have never tried before, and switching from your account to this mode is just a click away.

All you need to do is go to the top right corner of the Chrome window and click on your google account avatar. There you will find a guest mode, click on the Gest Mode, and you are good to go. However, switching back to normal mode is not a complex task, but it adds some layer of protection to keep the unknown individuals away from your stuff.

Organize better with Group Tab features

Tab grouping is one of the most helpful features added by the browser. Opening so many groups at once makes it so frustrating. The biggest challenge begins when you are multitasking and need to find different tabs for different purposes. To help make this easier, Google Chrome has added this grouping tab to have a better experience on their browser.

This helps you group tabs together needed for one task and others together. Also, you get the option s to make them in different colors by adding a category. For instance, you are writing news for various categories such as tech and fashion, and you can group tech news tabs and fashion news tabs using different colors.

Continue where you left off.

Google Chrome has always been the most user-friendly browser, and it offers the users complete freedom to adjust their browser as per their needs. Some years ago, individuals had to keep their browsers on to avoid losing their open tabs, and they had to search everything again or use history to open their tabs. Chrome understood this issue and launched a feature where you don’t fear losing your tabs.

It offers a “continue where you left off” feature to help you open all your tabs whenever you visit the browser. You can get this feature by going into the settings option and clicking “On startup” from the menu. There you will find the ‘Continue where you left off’ feature possibly. Click on the button to get a better experience on one of their most preferred search engine browsers.

Use Task Manager

Have you ever noticed that Google Chrome has its task manager feature? When it comes to offering the best services, Google Chrome always tops the list. These search engine browsers allow users to diagnose issues they face and monitor their performance. You can easily access the task manager in the browser by visiting Chrome’s menu and going to the ‘More Tools’ option.

Under the more tools option, you will find Task Manager to check how much the browser and its performance use internet bandwidth, CPU time, and memory. This allows you to check the performance anytime you wish, so you better understand the browser.

Cast your screen

Casting your screen now becomes more manageable with Chrome. Want to experience your favorite show on the TV that you watch on your mobile phones. To experience the Chromecast feature, you can simply connect your Chromecast device from your android screen using the cast option.

The best way to connect is by clicking on the cast option located on the drop-down menu located on the top corner on the right-hand side of your browser. As you click on the cast option, it will start looking for a device. After that, your device will be connected to your phone to enjoy the casting screen.

Autofill option for an easy shopping experience

With each Update, Google Chrome tries to make users’ lives easier and more convenient. The autofill feature allows users to shop their favorite stuff on the go without having their cards with them. When you buy something online from your credit or debit card, Google Chrome asks for your permission to save your passwords, CVV, and credit card number, and it stores all this information only after you grant them access.

Also, you have the option to deny the permissions whenever you want by going to the settings options. To change your setting, click on the autofill option, and you will find passwords, payment methods, addresses, and more. Click whatever information you want and change you per your needs.  

Manage your passwords

As mentioned above, Google Chrome also benefits you from saving and managing all your passwords together. With the help of its auto-fill feature, you don’t always have to memorize different passwords for different uses. This way, whenever you try to log in to a specific website, google will show you the list of your credentials. Also, you can edit your information whenever you want by going to the autofill option, and the browser will also save it automatically whenever you enter two-three times.

Change new themes

The traditional plain look of Google Chrome will look perfect for many. However, if you want to add some attractive colors to make it visually appealing, you can choose from the several themes available on the browser. To change your theme, you need to move to the setting option and click on the Appearance button. From there, you can access the wide range of attractive themes available to add some vibrant color pop to your browser window.

Using Google Chrome, the best way!!

As you have read about the most lesser-known things about Google Chrome, you must have found how much this browser has to offer us. No doubt why this is the most in-demand browser on the internet. We have tried to introduce the most specific new features from the long list of features on the platform. With more updates coming on the way, the browser will keep dominating all the other search engines of the market. For more updates and interesting facts about the browser, you can keep reading our blogs on Webstealer. 

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