Cyber Security

Cyber Security

How to Improve Cybersecurity of Your Company?

Cybersecurity is the perseverance of safeguarding internet-connected devices and services from cyberattacks. Cyber terrorism, phishing, malware, and other unauthorized activities can harm computer devices. But ...

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

9 Steps on Improving Cybersecurity for Your Organization

As cybersecurity became a global concern, adopting concrete and effective measures has become crucial for organizations. Businesses these days take several precautions to keep their data safe and secure from al...

Secure Firewall Configuration
Cyber Security

5 Effective Steps for Secure Firewall Configuration

Your internet connection is always on the verge of a security breach. Firewalls are considered the most powerful tool that acts as the first line of defense against malicious attacks hitting your servers. It is...

Ransomware Attacks
Cyber Security Data Security

10 Tips and Strategies to Prevent Ransomware Attacks in 2022

As technology becomes complex every passing day, the need for businesses to follow more effective cybersecurity practices increase. Online data is one of the most valuable assets for companies that could affect...

Data Loss Prevention
Cyber Security Data Security

The Ultimate Guide to Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

As cyber threats grow in volume, the need to have efficient and rigid data prevention strategies increases to have a safer place for the organizations to operate. Companies nowadays need to build a secure netwo...

Proxy servers
Cyber Security

Proxy Servers: How it Benefits Businesses and Individuals?

As cybercrimes have shown a tremendous surge in the past few years, there is a need to understand Cybersecurity to protect your interests on the internet. Proxy servers help significantly safeguard your data fr...

First-Party Data
Cyber Security Website Maintenance

How to Create Value with First-Party Data?

The online world allows excellent ways to help you understand better about your audience. Nowadays, we have ample amount of opportunities to collect data from users. To make the internet more secure for the aud...

Cyber Security Threats
Cyber Security Payment Security

9 Cybersecurity threats you must know in 2022

Do you trust the internet? With your entire life revolving around the internet, answering this question is very difficult. Almost all businesses, large or small, organizations, and even government corporations ...