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Top ten most popular FAQs

How much will your IT services cost?

The cost of our IT services is based entirely on your demands. Our core team will listen to your needs first and then prepare a custom proposal for the best results. Give us a call, and we will provide you with a customized proposal.

How do you assure quality to our customers?

Our team consists of experienced IT professionals with the right skills at the place. Our professional process helps us align the various steps in a streamlined order to keep quality always on top. We are always there for you at each stage to achieve what’s expected.

How to get in touch with you?

Getting in touch with our company is very simple. You can either choose to give us a call or fill up the contact form provided on the website. Our dedicated and skilled team will get in touch with you to listen to your requirements.

Do you have any hidden costs?

No, we believe in providing transparent services to our customers. Our team analyzes your requests and prepares a custom proposal based on them. All the amounts are added before the project finalizes, and additional charges are made only at the time for adding other services.

What is the warranty of your products?

The warranty period of our products is based entirely on the specific type of product. For more details about the warranty, please refer to our privacy policy and contract of your agreement

How do you maintain confidentiality?

Webstealer aims to keep our customer’s data safe from all kinds of the data breach. Our servers are entirely secure to keep our customer’s data confidential. Refer to our privacy policy and terms & conditions for better understanding.

Why should we trust your services?

Webstealer believes in providing services that you can rely on. Our dedicated team of experts makes sure that you get your services on-time without compromising on your quality. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, we are capable of making the impossible possible

How do you get hold of unexpected situations?

Our expert team is capable of handling all kinds of unexpected situations and bumpy roads during the work with our clients. If you have an issue, you can simply contact us, and our engineers will find a suitable solution based on the case to solve smoothly.

How do you handle a large number of clients?

Our trained staff are experts in handling and managing large groups of clients at the same time. They very well know how to deal with them by giving them a personalized experience. They listen to the needs of our clients to get effective results.

Do you offer refundable products?

No, all the products are non-refundable. Only exchange and updates options are available on our products. Kindly read the disclaimer and contract before you partner with us.

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