Fortnite Mobile epic games is Fortnite Battle Royale

No one would have thought that an online video game released in the year 2017 would occupy the space of almost every game aficionado.  Yes, you guessed it right! It’s Fortnite.  People recognize this game as epics in the arena of gaming. One of the Fortnite epic games is Fortnite Battle Royale.  When any game offers you to play along with 100 of your companions along with cataclysmic disaster, it becomes a thing that is hard to resist.  The last person stands the winner.  You can have damn good experience of Fortnite Battle Royale on Fortnite mobile version.

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With Fortnite mobile version, it is possible to go handy with your loved game.  Fortnite Battle Royale, at the time of its launch, had drawn more than 125 million players in a year and had earned millions of dollars through its dedication to make gaming experience rare and satisfying.  You can download Fortnite mobile version of this game and have a blast.

Another Fortnite game is Fortnite: Save the World.  A player-versus-environment game, this game can have four players at a time those are on final missions having a common objective.  When you play Fortnite mobile version, Save the World offers players to take positions as commanders.  The collection of resources, saving survivors, defending equipment are some of the tasks that players have to perform in this fantastic game.

The pickaxe can be used to blow down structures to collect resources like wood, metal, bricks, etc.  The collections can be used to build structures.  Later with power, the compositions can be modified into more powerful structures.

Same weekly updates, same map, same gameplay.  Play Fortnite on the go.

Of both the games, only Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play and has Fortnite mobile version.  Battle Royale has won many awards in the gaming arena but remains underestimated as it remains unexplored.  Try the game today to have a gaming experience like never before.

Apart from playing Fortnite mobile version, you can also unlock over 100 rewards.  All you need to do is to invest 75 to 150 hours of play.  You can have it early by buying 100 tiers just for 150 bucks each.  To obtain the Battle Pass:

  • Launch Fortnite
  • Select Battle Royale
  • Navigate to the Battle pass Tab
  • Purchase either the Battle Pass or the Battle Bundle

Unlock epic loot and win the battle pass. In Season 6, the more you will play the game, the more rewards you will unlock. Complete weekly challenges and level up swiftly unlocking some additional rewards like Pets, expensive cosmetics, and some progressive outfits.

Don’t worry if you buy Battle Pass late in the season! All the rewards will be granted up to your existing level.

Free players need not disappoint.  Everyone can earn:

“Regal Wave” Emote
“Fabled Cape” Back Bling
“Waveform” Back Bling
“Crossfire” Glider
“Guiding Glow” Pickaxe
And more!

Fortnite Battle Royale on iOS requires an iOS 11 and internet connection.  You can play if you have iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, X; iPad Mini 4, 2017, ProAir 2.

How to get Battle Pass?
Play Fortnite Battle Royale is heading towards Battle Pass tab.  Use shiny V-Bucks and boom, and your victory is near.  You can also buy some more V-Bucks from the Store tab.

You can download THE BATTLE ROYALE in the following places:

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Some queries regarding Fortnite mobile version

Question: Does Fortnite Battle Royale need PlayStation Plus to get played?
Answer: No.  Fortnite Battle Royale doesn’t need PlayStation Plus to get played.

Question: Can Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite: Save the World be played on mobile?
Answer: Absolutely, Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite: You can play Save the World on mobile.  The fortnite mobile version is already available online.

Question: Is there a first-person option?
Answer: There is not a first-person option nor is Fortnite planning to add it.

Question: How to play Fortnite mobile version game on my android device?
Answer: You need to visit on your Android device.  Sign up for Android Beta.  Users of Samsung Galaxy devices will find no problem whereas some users of other devices may find their access hard.

Question: Is Galaxy outfit available?
Answer: It is available.  Check the website now.

Question: Why isn’t Save the World available on mobile?
Answer: Save the World uses much memory and CPU, and that is why it is challenging to bring this game to mobile.

Question: Do Android Fortnite mobile version support mouse and keyboard?
Answer: No, If anyone uses mouse or keyboard on Android, he/she will be removed from the game.

Question: Is Fortnite mobile version available on iOS?
Answer: Yes, it is already there on iOS.

Question: Is HUD customizable?
Answer: Yes, HUD is customizable.

Question: Is there voice chat available on iOS?
Answer: Yes, voice chat is there on iOS.

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