PUBG Mobile vs Fortnite Mobile: A Quick Comparison

Over 5 million concurrent players are on them and all across the atlas at any time and the numbers are still swelling. Yes! I am talking about two wildly successful games Pubg or Player Unknown’s Battleground and Fortnite Battle Royale. Those who love to indulge in video games always remain confused about which one to choose. So, given here is a quick view of Pubg Mobile vs Fortnite Mobile which will help you make the right choices.

Both of these video games are worth your time and have great reviews but given here is a brief comparison between the two battle royale who want to know the real differences between the two. The article highlights the comparison between the weapons used in the games and the microtransactions so that players can zero down on an apt choice. Here we go with Pubg Mobile vs Fortnite Mobile.

Pubg Mobile vs Fortnite Mobile: A Complete Overview

Both of them are the hot favorites in the world right now. Right from the celebrities to the kids and teenagers love to play them and their arch rivalry is responsible for the split of the battle-royale fans but both of them are unique in their own ways. Let us start with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or Pubg first.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds was released earlier by a much smaller team of developers than the Fortnite. When it was released it took the online streaming and PC gaming world by storm. By the end of 2017, it had about three million concurrent players. The game ruled over the industry but it was not too long and to give it a tough competition, Epic Games’ Fortnite was launched. Here is a step by step Pubg Mobile vs Fortnite Mobile.


Both of these battle royale games have similar mechanics and visuals in both of them are distinct.  Your personal preference matters more to help you make the right choice. Pubg goes for a gritty belligerence which makes the game feel genuine. On the other hand, Fortnite is far more flamboyant and cartoonish. So, if you compare Pubg Mobile vs Fortnite Mobile as far as graphics are concerned then it is your personal choice that matters more.


Maps are larger in Pubg and are more complicated especially if you are far beyond the safe zone.  Contrary to this, Fortnite has the smaller map and the players get far lesser space to play and traversing becomes much easier for the players. The advantage of Pubg is that it offers maps of two types namely Miramar and Erangel. Pubg maps are more interesting and their diversified nature keeps the players engaged and they remain on their toes. Fornite has recently added five more locations to the map. In short, comparing Pubg Mobile vs Fornite Mobile, the players who are looking for the tense and more engaging matches that incorporate risk-taking in an ample amount can opt for Pubg maps. On the other hand, the players that want to play a faster-paced game should prefer the densely packed island of Fortnite.

Goal and Gameplay:

Those who are passionate about playing battle royales would find both the games equally interesting. They are more or less similar as far as gameplay and goals are concerned. Both the games are challenging and as a skilled player, you need to survive when the map around you begin to shrink.

Both Fortnite and Pubg have slightly different approaches than the other royale games. When you compare Pubg Mobile vs Fortnite Mobile, Pubg has far more weapons as well as items in comparison to the Fortnite. But, it does not mean that Fortnite is short of weapons. There are plenty of weapons that give players a lot of choices and the makers of the game (Epic Game) are planning to add more in the coming future. But the entire system is lesser complex and slightly lesser full and engaging. Those who are used to of playing Pubg or the serious shooters may find this game a little lesser appealing. Owing to the construction mechanics the matches of Fortnite are little more direct. Pubg matches are much tenser and stressful hence they tend to last longer.

Maintenance and Update Frequency:

There are new updates available for both of these games to make them better. But as far as update frequency is concerned, Pubg is much slower than Fortnite to add new things. Hence, if we compare Pubg Mobile vs Fortnite mobile in terms of update frequency, Fortnite is better. Fortnite keeps rolling out changes and adding new features almost every week. Pubg is much slower in bringing out new updates attribute to a small development team. Moreover, the game bans the players who use cheating techniques.

Visual Style on Mobiles:

Those who are looking for Pubg Mobile vs Fortnite Mobile and looking for a real difference between the two will find it in the first 30 seconds. In Pubg mobile, players of the game parachute out of a cargo onto a big Russian island that has a power plant and a military base. Also, in the Fortnite Mobile, players skydive out of a bus that is strapped to a giant balloon they need to take help of futuristic glider or an umbrella to prevent their fall. In short, Pubg mobile is more tense and stressful gunfights that give the players a real sense of engrossment and make them feel that death is imminent. Fortnite Mobile, on the other hand, needs a lot more creativity and maneuvers.

Fortnite is not that intense like Pubg but needs a creative bent of mind wherein the players have to collect the resources using their own creativity like building weapons with buildings, rocks or hammering away at trees. Contrary to this, players caught in Pubg mobile unaware are certain to face death imminently. If you cannot prevent yourself from landing at the safe zone then you will have a challenging time to avoid death.

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Fortnite mobile game does not feature customization of any sorts. It is a bit complicated and includes setting traps. On the other hand, Pubg has several inbuilt control schemes that players can customize as per their wish.

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