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Meta Business Suite: A Comprehensive Guide

What is the first name comes to your mind when thinking about social media platforms? Essentially Facebook and Instagram, right? Almost all the 90’s kids remember using Facebook from their keypad mobile phones. From that era to now, Facebook has changed our lives completely. And now, Instagram has also been added to our favorites list.

Also, both offer excellent opportunities for businesses and creators to boost their reach among audiences. That’s how Meta Business Suite makes their job easier. This is a superb tool prepared by Meta to complete the job of social media marketers easier.

The tool offers several features like post creation, scheduling, responding to comments, analyzing stats, offering suggestions for improving your campaigns, and many more.

So, we are here with this comprehensive guide if you plan to Up your social media game. Follow our tips to learn better ways to use this great tool:

Keep Your Priorities Straight

In Meta Business Suite, you’ll get a centralized place to receive all your notifications, reply to comments, track results, schedule posts, etc. This offers excellent advantages to businesses with a higher audience to manage, enabling them to handle everything in a centralized place. Meta Business Suite uses AI to identify priorities to help you focus on more critical campaign areas.

Hashtag Tool

Meta Business Suite offers excellent ways to businesses that want to boost their engagement rate. With the Hashtags tool, you can instantly choose the best from the trending hashtags list to improve organic traffic for your social media posts. Also, you will know how many posts use these hashtags for their campaign, giving marketers better insights on trending hashtags to boost their posts.

Automate Replies and Actions

Another great advantage this tool offers is automating your daily tasks that don’t require manual efforts. One of the significant tasks of marketers while handling a great audience is offering instant replies to users’ comments, queries, messages, notifications, etc. With Meta Business Suite, you can quickly reply to users for:

  • Instant Replies – Reaching out to every user with a broad audience who tries to reach your business is not possible manually. As marketers need to focus on more critical tasks, they can easily automate their replies to users who attempt to connect with your business for the first time.
  • FAQs – Another great feature is preparing an FAQ page for their basic queries who try to communicate with your business. FAQs save a lot of time for their audience who want to get into a quick session with your business.
  • Away Messages– It might be possible that you are not always available for your audiences. With this tool, you can set up away messages for your audience to let them know that you are currently unavailable and respond soon. 
  • Keyword Replies– Another great way of automating your replies is based on keywords. To automate the responses, your users can set answers based on keywords in their sentences.

Create & Schedule Posts

Do you use other post-creation apps in the market? Why depend on others when Meta offers a centralized place to handle Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. Here you can easily create and schedule posts using the timeslot data when your users are more active. You can use the calendar to view all your past and future posts and see the data when your users are more active during the day.

For new marketers, this offers a great advantage who have no idea when their users are more active. Posting at the right time will enable them to boost their engagement rate so they can get control of their campaign in their hands.

View Facebook and Instagram Posts Together

Apart from the many features, this one offers immense control and ease to marketers who target Facebook and Instagram in their campaigns. Meta Business Suite allows you to view the posts you create on both platforms. Here you can instantly switch from Facebook to Instagram to find how your posts look on the two platforms. Also, it helps you avoid posting the same content manually on different platforms. This not only saves marketers time but allows them to have better control of their social media campaigns.

Create Ads and Track Performance

As we have said earlier, Meta offers a complete marketing package for marketers who want to be one step ahead of their competitors. Monetizing your social media isn’t as easy as it sounds, and however, Meta makes it easily possible with its smooth and rich features. Here you don’t have to put yourself into the hassles of opening one more tab for creating Ads and tracking. This tool helps you get a complete section of ‘Create Ads’ where you can easily control your Ads, track their performance, choose your goals, automate Ads, and many more.

View and Track Insights

Meta Business Suite offers its users complete access to their business performance to find better ways to improve. You can learn the number of visits, total clicks, total engagement, conversion rate, and a lot more. Marketers who want to decide their next steps can easily tap into this remarkable feature frequently to measure how well their social media pages perform and determine what changes need to be made. 

Receive Appointments and Manage

If you want more conversions, you must remove all the extra efforts your users need to put into accessing your products or services. With Meta Business Suite, you can easily place an appointment button over your page and receive appointments. Not only that, you can quickly get appointment reminders from Meta, so you never miss out on any prospective deal. Here you can set up your availability, time zone, approvals, advance booking, and everything to make it easier for your customers to connect with your business.

Is it Time to Start Your Campaign?

Social media has become the most prominent earning spot for creators, marketers, businesses, and individuals to showcase their skills and add value to people’s lives. With Meta Business Suite, handling all this becomes more convenient and straightforward. It allows you to manage your Facebook and Instagram to get the best out of them. With Webstealer, you can learn more about the various tools and technology to optimize your business for success. Those looking for the best ways to improve their social media campaigns must consider this excellent tool. Create posts, manage content, track performance, create Ads, and many more with the help of this all-in-one tool.

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