Backup Restore Android files – Step by Step Guide

In case your Smartphone gets stolen or damage unexpectedly, then you are not only required to reduce the cost of your phone, but there are also many aspects of consideration and the major one is Backup Restore Android data. In the event of phone loss or crashes, you are required to enable numerous cloud backups in your Smartphone. Doing so you will be able to log into your account from any device located anywhere, and so you can easily restore the data you need to get back.

Since the backup is one of the solutions in your android device, but you should backup your data regularly as you will not be able to fetch everything back in case you lost your Smartphone. There are people who are not aware of how to root my phone? They usually end up doing mess while installing ADB drivers. If you are one of those who doesn’t know how to get a backup restore android with your data in your phone, we are here to help you!

Steps on how to backup Restore android:

There are some of the significant steps of doing the backup in android given below:

  • Turn on your phone, visit setting then accounts and synchronization
  • Under the accounts feature, you have to tick mark the option of “Auto-sync data”.
  • Now click on Google and tap on the option of Gmail ID you have been using to sign in that particular android set.
  • Here you simply turn on all the options system is asking you. This is to get all your information related to Google synced to the cloud. In this information, your photos, contacts, app data, chrome tabs, calendar events, Google fit data and many other things can be fetched.
  • Now visit settings then backup and reset.
  • Check the option of backup my data.

Doing this, you will get to save your entire app’s data including phone’s setting which includes Wi-Fi passwords to your Google account.  Whenever you will sign in using your Google account using another phone, all your preferences, photos through Google plus and contacts can be easily imported automatically. This particular data is easily sync-able on a regular basis. Though, it does not include any type of text messages and numerous other kinds of data. You will have to get fetch its backup daily on regular basis.

Backup Restore Android with your media, messages, and applications:

Not only necessary data like passwords, messages, you are also able to retrieve your media and application too. If you want to save the music, movies and other essential stuff, you would have saved on your Smartphone’s memory card. This process is actually very easy. You only have to connect your phone to a PC and simply copy everything which exists in your cell’s memory card. Though it is a manual process, you should make a daily routine for such types of backups.

Installation in MAC:

You just simply connect your Android handset to the computer using a USB cable. And transfer all the data in your phone without any hindrance. Even if you are using MAC, you should have Android File Transfer installed before you proceed to this backup.

Steps of doing Android files backup on MAC are as follows:

  • Open Finder in MAC
  • Navigate to the option of SD Card, then copy all the files you are looking to save in your MAC computer
  • Once your stuff has been copied well, you can unplug your phone easily

How do I save text messages?

You may also save all your text messages as well as calling history and contacts to your respective Gmail account. There are some simple steps to achieve this:

  • Download SMS backup+
  • Open this application and tap connect
  • Now provide permission to backup+ so that it can sync your Google account
  • Return to the application and backup. It will save all the text messages to your GMAIL account
  • Now log into Gmail from any browser, on the topmost left side, you will see an icon SMS. Click it to view all the messages that you have backed up already.

How to restore these messages?

You can also restore these messages as well, simply tap restore in SMS backup+ then click on OK in the pop-up. Now it will ask you set SMS backup+ as your default application. Click yes. Now, this application will restore all your messages automatically, not only messages it can also easily backup all your call logs as well.

How to perform restore on Application?

The very next step of yours should get a backup and restore installed applications on your respective devices. You may easily re-download applications easily only if you are using the same Google account in your new device. All you have to do, just open your Google Play store then tap the hamburger icon on the top le. Visit my apps, now you can install all your previously purchased applications.

Local backup restore Android:

Considering local backup, it can also be a great alternative than the previous. It will be faster to restore. And it’s pretty simple to perform. Here some of its steps are mentioned:

  • Download ES File Explorer
  • Now swipe the screen to the right and unveil the ES File Explorer Homepage.
  • Tap on the APP which lies under the blue Android robot icon on the topmost right.
  • Now tap and hold whichever application until you see the mark of check on the app’s icon.
  • After this, tap the tick mark on the top right, which looks one inside a box with dotted frames. It will select all the applications
  • Now click on the backup which is at the bottom row. It will save a copy of the android files of your application
  • To view which APK file is successfully saved, you will have to tap on user apps at the bottom. Now select backup apps in the pop-up
  • You can install any app’s APK file without the internet connection.
  • To save the copy of such files to your computer, connect your android phone to a PC using the USB cable.
  • This phone will start appearing in My computer as a Pen drive, you may open it.
  • Go to the internal storage then backups and last applications
  • Copy all the necessary files here, for instance, you formatted your device, changed handset, you can quickly copy these APK files and install applications again.

Hence, following all the aforementioned steps, you can easily backup restore android with your contacts, messages, and media, and applications, passwords of Wi-Fi and rest of the application data. The methods are simple and you can restore and backup this without any efforts.

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