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To store our essential files and data in PC and laptops, what do we use? The only office provides by the Microsoft community which has now reached to the world of Smartphone as well. Yes, now you can see the running MS office in Smartphone too. Did you have to think about the alternative to office? If not, here you go. There are various alternatives exists that can provide you the same level of work and efficiency MS provides. These office alternatives are excellent in handling dozens of data and storing them in your respective devices whether PC, Laptop or Smartphone. You can install the software in your device; some requires purchase where some of them can be installed without any charges.

Those which costs you some money provides you a  considerable amount of time which means a trial period where you can test the work and excellence of that particular office software. Throughout the given trial period, you can judge whether this product would be better for you or not. If in case, you did not like the product and its working, you may cancel your subscription any time. There are various types of alternatives present in the market that are quite excellent with respect to the performance and efficiency. They are much work oriented as the typical office does in the Windows OS, also some of them will let you use the latest features and advance smartness to your work.

Best office alternatives in the present scenario:

Some of the best office alternatives are listed here; these are considered one of the most preferred offices of all time other than the typical office software we have been using for a long time back. They are as follows:

Free Office:

This is the free alternative which looks quite like MS office but has some of the different and unique variations. The Interface of this software is much close to MS office. It also provides Touchscreen compatibility. This is considered a free and most easy alternative to MS office. The company SoftMaker has wonderful hands-on making office software since a long time back and this particular suite is their flagship product. This office suite is absolutely free to use and suitable for both homes and in the workplace. This software is developed for both Windows and Linux with this. It also offers a basic version for the users of Android as well.

This suite itself is completely compatible with all MS word, excel and PowerPoint formats which means you are not only open to view instead you can save the file in numerous formats such as DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX. This also supports older files types such as PPT also XLS. The newly launched version of Free-office provides you a great option of working with classic menus as well as toolbars. Users who already got the hold of touchscreen PC or laptops can use touch mode of this office with even more larger icons. This mode is available for both the newer version also the superb classic menu-based interface.

Libre office:

This one is another in the league and considered as a flexible & lightweight suite. The Libre office is known as the offspring of the document foundation and parted from open office in the year 2010. The suite itself is available for free and works as an open source. This is made up of Word processor, spreadsheet as well as presentation software. This particular office suite is available in 110 languages. While this particular officer uses the Open document format (ODF) that supports a wide range of other formats like Microsoft office. Libre office is known as the default suite for Linux distros.

This suite can be efficiently used on Windows and Mac OS. There is also an Android version of Libre office available in the market which is particularly a LibreOffice viewer. Like most of the open source software, all of your technical support came via online but observing how easy this particular suite is to use, the support will be rarely needed. This LibreOffice platform lets you export your files into PDF format without any issues so far. You may also add some extra features through extensions from the official website.

WPS office:

Now here is one another office alternative that can help the same either of aforementioned software does. This was released in 2016 by Chinese software developer Kingsoft. This is an office suite that is available for Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS. This particular suite is available in the English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Russian languages.  This office suite comes with two options a free and a premium tier. The free one allows you to use presentation, writer and spreadsheet which are the chief alternatives to Microsoft office. WPS also offers you a PDF to WORD Converter.

This suite offers 1 GB of free cloud storage for iOS and PC users, but this feature is not yet available for Android. The premium tire costs you around $29.99 per year and lets you connect the suite with 9 devices at a particular time. You will also get freedom from all the messy adverts that come in your way whenever you use free tier. In the paid version, you will not see any promotion adverts or redirection links which you will encounter with the free version.


This is the Apple’s alternative to Microsoft office. This consists of numerous sorts of pages, numbers, and keynotes. These are actually equivalent to word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is particularly exclusive to MacOS for a local installation. But there are various versions on the cloud that can efficiently be enjoyed by users belong to other platforms. iWork is much more Light Weighted than MS office and this can be a suitable feature for most for the users. This office suite uses a straightforward interface which allows users to open a few tabs in seconds.

iWork is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the App store on your MAC. There are three separate applications, each for word processing, for creating spreadsheets and for preparing presentations. Apple’s spreadsheet alternative offers a blank canvas for you so that you may begin on rather than just showing an intimidating grid view on your spreadsheet. It is very easy to sue and add images, tables, and charts as the way you desire them to be added. Overall this is one of the best alternatives to the office so far.

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