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How can I start an E-commerce business without technology experience?

The E-commerce business is thriving today, and it’s not going anywhere. All you need is to have a robust online presence. Invest your time in the proper channels and good creativity, and you can make money in time. You can reach international customers located anywhere in the world.

But, being a non-technical person, creating and managing an E-commerce Business Solution seems cumbersome. You need to have the technical knowledge to make your website successful. But, in actuality, this is a myth; you do not need to be technical to run an e-commerce business.

Therefore, you have to make a clear state of mind only about what to sell and the audience’s requirements. Many suppliers and technology partners can guide you with website development and its implementation. But, to target potential customers, you have to be creative too.

Tips for running an E-commerce business without being a technical person

Find a technology partner

  • A non-tech-savvy person needs a technological partner to set up and run an e-commerce business.
  • If not relying upon a person, hiring a website development company is an excellent option to gain technical knowledge and guidance to build a website and its payment set-up.

Learn the basics

It is optional to be a tech expert for running an E-commerce business solution. However, it is crucial to have a basic understanding of coding and website development to communicate effectively with the team.

Create a team with the skills you need

Connect with people having technical skills and all the vital skills required for your business needs. Effective communication results in explicit opinions, prevent misconceptions from conveying your ideas and leads to motivation and commitment to work.

Be creative

Entrepreneurs from non-technical backgrounds must be creative and dedicated and have a clear vision to set up their businesses. He has to be creative to make an E-commerce business solution grow.

Have confidence in yourself

Have confidence in your business and what you tend to offer to customers. Indeed, it is a good idea to drive success in your project. Ensure you are confident enough to handle your business plan and team seamlessly.

Tools and Tactics to Boost Your E-commerce business as a non-technical person

You can boost your E-commerce business with these low-tech tools and tactics:

  • Customer chat box

Live Chat has been a great addition in recent times, and the visitors feel like there is someone in actuality to interact with them.

Olark and Zopim are great software clients that are a good fit for your business. Adding these services to your site would result in a live presence.

  • First-time visitor incentive coupon

Adding first-time visitor pop-ups to boost sales is an excellent deal to purchase your products.

Shopify uses Better Coupon Box, WisePops, Pop-Up Window, and Coupon Pop. A variety of E-commerce platforms use these kinds of apps for their offerings.

  • Send your existing customers a follow-up coupon.

A coupon to an existing customer for making the next purchase makes them rely on your site.

Use apps to feature incentives and rewards to attract them. Remind them about the new festival season and your offers on those to let them come back again.

  • User Testing

Customer experiences usability issues in finding what they’re looking for on your website.

Always make a test to check the functionality of your site and measure the quality of users’ experiences and then identify issues you think may need to be added.

How to Start an E-commerce Business? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Setting up your essential E-commerce business is easy and not very expensive. A basic E-commerce business cycle consists of 5 components:

Product Listing

Product Listing consists of two elements: Backend and Frontend.

  • You need a dashboard to upload your products at the backend.
  • The front end consists of a list of products with search and filter options.


It keeps track of all the items you need and lets users buy various products from different categories.


It consists of users’ delivery address and their mode of choosing payment.

Payment Gateway

It is a 3rd party channel through which users can make the payment for their items.

Order Listing

On the backend, it keeps a record of all the orders received.

What adds to e-commerce Costing?

     ●    Custom Design

There are several free and paid layouts and themes for your website. However, if you need to choose the custom design template, it can add to your expense.

  • Product Attributes

Creating these attributes adds to the development expense if the products have different sizes and colors.

  • Custom Pricing

Custom pricing and combo pricing also add the expense to your site. For example, A is available at a 10% discount for the next 1 hour, or you can buy Products A and B at 20%

  • Related Products

Pushing similar products every time upward to upsell when users add something to their cart.

  • Comparison

It lets users compare multiple products. These are some of the things that add costs to your business.

In the initial stages, reduce your cost to the bare minimum price.

Final Words

The most important thing about being a non-technical founder is to surround yourself with a team of people having technical aspects of the business. With these strong team members, you can focus on the areas you’re good at and rely on the rest.

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