5G Connectivity – Expect Amazingly Fast Speed

5G or the 5th generation cellular mobile communication is much awaited. 5G will also surpass the speed of the present 4G mobile communication by 100 times. So, the next generation wireless communication which succeeds the 4G, 3G, and the 2G system is said to possess an increased capacity and a faster speed.

Why this Next-generation Wireless Communication is Much-awaited?
The technology is much awaited because it would target high data rate, energy saving, cost saving, better system capacity and a massive potential for the connectivity with various devices. Needless to say, it would put the next generation in a win-win situation.

Key Elements for the 5G Network

5G mobile networks or simply the 5G network is the next generation standard for Wireless Communication. There are schedules to follow the currently used networks but will have an increased capacity, better speed, and lower latency. The technology is anticipated to hit between 2019 and 2020. Some of the 5G networks would operate only in a high-frequency band of the entire wireless spectrum. This high-spectrum frequency band is also famous with the name of frequency wave.

The upcoming mobile network would transmit tremendous data to the short distances. But, there are expectations that 5G would work in the low spectrum frequencies as well like 500-600 MHz or in unlicensed frequencies like 3.5 GHz spectrum.

How would it differ from 4G?
Besides a better speed and capacity, the 5G networks would be composed of small cells contrary to the 4G network which is characterized by the huge cell towers. 4G and the mobile networks prior to that are composed of huge geographically dispersed towers. We believe that the consumers of this upcoming network would have a ubiquitous 5G antenna at their homes.

Co-ordination of the Network:

It is important to note that the 5G networks back the co-existence of the multiple standards like Wi-Fi, LTE etc. It also coordinates with the various sorts of sites whether macro, Pico or micro base station. One of the challenges of this network design is to create a network architecture which is able to support flexibility and meet the demands of IoT or Internet of Things in the future.

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There would be a seamless co-existence of 5G and 4G mobile networks in the future. In the past, there has been a smooth transition from 2G to 3G and 3G to 4G but these are entirely separate networks. But, there are expectations that 4G would remain in the upcoming future and more than that 4G infrastructure is very important both for the evolution and functionality of the 5G Network.

What it would Look Like?

The exact details of how 5G networks would look like are not very clear. Hardware and Networking vendors are still trial testing the technology. For instance, Verizon is conducting repeated user tests in the United States and AT&T is testing its own network. Verizon is striving for making the initial deployment of the network easier with the help of mobile hotspot and home-based fixed wireless in the coming year. The company is working towards setting up a wireless infrastructure that can deliver mobile-videos effectively.

Because of the rising demand, 5G Wireless service is now an infrastructure priority. By the end of this year AT & T is expected to launch mobile 5G to a number of selected marketplaces. There are that with the launch of this wireless service the users would not only have much better download and upload speeds but they will have a faster and much better connectivity.

Some Rarely Known Benefits of 5G Network:

Smartphone technology is evolving constantly. Over the past few years, consumers have seen the evolution of multiple technologies. It all started with 3G, progressed to 4G LTE and now the whispers of 5G is in the air. Though it may still be a while away and has not become a mainstream, there is still much talk about the technology but its advantages are not widely famous to the consumers. Enlisted here are a few advantages of this upcoming mobile network.

Increased Bandwidth for the Consumers:
Bandwidth is the amount of space on the Internet available for the people who use data for downloading files, view the Internet pages and for watching videos. Lesser bandwidth means slower devices to run. One of the greatest benefits of the 5th generation technology is that it would enable the consumers to use more bandwidth on the data network of the companies indulgent in making 5G a success. Smartphone users are increasing with each passing day, with the availability of more bandwidth for all; there will be a better consumption of data adding convenience for the users.

A Better Speed:

Some people are apprehensive about the speed getting slower on the increase of bandwidth but actually, it is not so. This was an issue with the networks prior to 5G. Browsing the web, downloading the files, streaming videos, people have been juggling up with a slower speed currently but the increase in bandwidth does not mean slow speed with the 5th generation mobile network. Consumers will be able to utilize the Internet without crowding out other consumers and Internet would be faster.

New Technology Options Become Available:

Researches and reports have shown that fifth-generation technology means that all the Smart devices on the network would be able to operate hundred or even thousand times faster and better than 4G network. There was a time when accessing e-mails; browsing net etc. was possible on laptops or desktops only. Nowadays, people can perform these tasks easily on smartphones devices. With a faster 5G speed, people can utilize smartphones and other smart devices for several other things as well.

The 5G network will prove to be a boon for the latest technology IoT or Internet of Things. With the development of well-underway, it is evident that 5G network would be launched by the end of 2020. Also, the network will co-exist and work alongside with 3G and 4G technologies which means an amazingly faster data speed wherever you go.

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