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All That You Want to Know About Virtual Reality

Prior to discussing the advantages it offers, differences between other similar technologies and the myths that surround it, let us first understand what exactly Virtual Reality is. To define it in the simplest terms, virtual reality or VR is a computer-generated experience that is near to real. With the help of a computer, an environment that affects auditory, you can get the visual senses which appear real. The computer-generated stimuli create a thoroughly immersive experience.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

Virtual reality enables the users to get an immersive experience in a virtual world that appears like a real world. VR includes making use of 4 out of 5 senses that include vision, touch, hearing and even smell.

The primary object of the technology is simulating the vision. The headsets are aiming towards creating the perfect approach to create a perfectly immersive three-dimensional environment. Each VR headsets puts up a screen in front of the eyes that eliminate any interaction with the physical world.

How it Differ from Augmented Reality (AR)?

VR technology differs from AR or Augmented Reality as it is just about creating a live view of the digital elements with the help of camera or Smartphone. Pokémon Go is an example of AR. Virtual reality, on the other hand, is an immersive experience for the user that shuts down the real or physical world for them.

What are the Various Benefits of Virtual Benefits?

The virtual environment creates a close to life-environment in a virtual or imaginary setting. Virtual reality creates realistic images, sounds to match with any other such sensations which exactly replicate the real environment. Although the technology is new to the public there are so many virtual settings that users can enjoy. Given here is a quick view of the advantages that VR offers.

Fly Like a Bird:

You may have dreamt of flying on the sky but now it is possible also. Thanks to VR technology. With the help of VR glasses, a fantastically real image or video is generated that help the users build the momentum for the entire experience. Besides this, if you want to have a unique experience of flying you can make use of another wonderful virtual reality app known as Birdly. The console enables the person to lie on a cushioned, cross-shaped apparatus that gives an ultimate sense of flying far and wide all across the buildings.

Ultimate Pleasure of Virtual Swimming:

With the help of Virtual headset, you can get a great experience of swimming. Swimming is an ultimate pleasure for those who know how it feels like swimming under the oceans with dozens of sharks, fish, and whales swimming around. In the virtual world, you can experience the same pleasure. You can also encounter beauty and sounds of the sea creatures.

Get Roller Coaster Ride:

Virtual roller coaster ride is another ultimate pleasure. Yes, it is easier if you have a VR headset with you. You can begin to feel gravity and have the same feeling of gut coming to your mouth when the coaster takes turns and twists. You can experience the roller coaster drive and have an entirely unique experience.

Explore the Skies With Skydiving:

Skydiving is a thrilling sport that people can only think of doing because it is expensive and needs a daredevil spirit. Thanks to the Virtual Reality experience. Flying up in the high altitudes with “Volo Airport,” (a physics simulator) lets people have a real experience of talking with the sky.

Flight Zombies:

There is nothing new about the fascination towards the Zombie apocalypse. VR technology is the easiest way. So, if you really want to experience the scene of “The Walking Dead” you just need to download Zombie shooter. It enables the users to shoot zombies attacking them.

VR technology is the future of the gaming industry and whether it is just about learning car or getting an insight into the construction site, the Virtual reality is an in thing.

There are no doubts that virtual reality is an in thing. Users have the experience of indulging in the realistic images, sounds and other sensations which can simulate and make them feel that they are in the real world.

The technology is being in use in different types of industries like engineering, gaming, entertainment, fashion, education and also for the sake of learning. Though the hype linked with the technology continues to build up, it is good to clear the myths that surround the VR industry.

Myths Surrounding the Virtual Reality

VR is only for the Passionate Gamers Only:

Though there is no denying of the fact the video gamers have benefitted the most from the VR technology. VR can be utilized to offer the surgical training, it is also used for delivering lessons to the students, teach in the classrooms and the possibilities are just endless. So, it is not meant for gaming industry only.

VR Leads to Motion Sickness:

People blame VR for triggering nausea like feeling in the people and can make them queasy also. There was a time when people were complaining about this. These days the latest VR gears are also available which can deliver High-resolution displays and many head-tracking capabilities. As a result of people just want to enjoy the ultimate experience of the real world in vitality. A wide variety of smart and well-informed decisions are to be taken before you take any decision.

Virtual Reality is Isolating:

At a first glance, it appears very odd. To see the people sitting with a face gear looks strange. Actually, VR enables users to engage with the other world in an immersive way that can be thoroughly engaging. Of late, the immersive technology has become a popular trend in the industry and a virtual environment is more about having fun and head-long engagement.

VR is a newly found Technology

No, it is not. This is just a myth. Actually, traces of this technology have been in existence since the 1800s. When the technology came into being it was just a head-mounted display with “3D” visuals only. Later on with the betterment of technology impact like blowing air, audio, custom aromas to emulate the virtual world and make it nearer to the real world.

VR has a massive marketing potential. It is due to this reason that every brand right from Sony to Valve is making use of the technology for the anticipated growth. The 3D effects, the motion tracking and more are pushing the rise of VR technology. Though there is a world-wide spread of VR mainly it is concentrated more in Europe and North America. VR has an immense potential both for the companies that are producing them and for the consumers. There are a lot of games that have soared high in popularity because of the virtual reality.

Possible Trends of Virtual Reality in 2015:

The wonderful technology that we call virtual reality can make use of several disciplines like marketing, education, engineering, training, art, simulation, fashion etc. The games like Pokémon Go have managed to take the entire atlas by a storm.

So, we are expecting that this is the technology which is going to be better tomorrow. There are certain trends in the development of VR in the years to unfold.

Going Beyond the Only Senses of Vision and Sound:

Till this moment, the emphasis is on the two senses only sound and vision. The immersive virtual reality would involve other senses as well in the coming years. For instance, it can hit the sense of scent also. It is due to this reason that people use VR in a range of industries like fashion, gaming, travel and more.

Total sensory immersion including all the five senses as possible in the days to come which will give a real-time feel.

Be Ready to EXPERIENCE the V-world:

There is no doubt that both VR and AR have a huge potential which can disrupt the entire field of e-commerce. V-commerce or Virtual commerce will be in vogue in the years to come which would enable the consumers to test the clothes, footwear, and different products before actually choose one.

There are expectations that technology would be strong enough to enable the users to get the smell and flavors of the food items before they purchase them. It is due to this reason that Virtual reality will become the future of retail. 3D experiences would also be available to engage and retain customers. There can also be implementations of a lot more 3D experience to enable customers for a better experience.

Advertising and marketing are going to get a new dimension with VR technology. Since VR is very broad it can be applied to any industry the possibilities for advertising is unlimited. VR advertising is a great way to reach potential customers and to plant the brand in their minds.

Not only in the field of advertising and marketing but is virtual reality able to create massive employment opportunities also.

How VR is the future of Gaming Industry?

In the past few decades, gaming has reached an entirely new level. Beginning from the 2D games, video games are closer to the reality and hence the video game consoles are just concentrating on that. For further improvement in the gaming industry, VR devices like Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift etc. came up. These amazing devices are meant for giving users the premium experience of the gaming industry and to enable them to interact people all around them in the gaming world. Users can have an amazing experience of walking, shooting, dancing as they had never before.

Moreover, there are technologies like Leap motion that enables the users to indulge in video games while they are working. It makes use of only hand gesture. Virtual Reality devices are the head-mounted devices that allow the users to have a look around the virtual world. One of the most widely used VR devices in the gaming industry is Oculus Rift. There are many questions that do the rounds in the gaming industry. Would Virtual Reality live up to the expectations of the gaming enthusiasts?

A few decades back, it was difficult to believe VR devices and 3D glasses. It was thought that these devices would never succeed because of a high cost attached to it. Time has changed now thankfully and the technology has become much more affordable today and we have the right resources.

The demand for VR in the gaming industry is inclining and the futuristic gaming gadgets are expected to be highly sophisticated and meant for a better simulation. While the devices like Sony Prometheus and Oculus Rift are not out in the public, they would succeed once they would be out.


In long and short, a wonderful technology of creating an artificial environment with the help of software in such a way that allows the users to feel being in a real world is used in different industries in the variety of ways. There are plenty of uses of VR that ranges from academic research through business, design, entertainment, and arts. Also, the technology produces a set of data that is then people use to develop the training methods, communication, and interaction.

The current VR technology makes use of the Virtual Reality headsets or the multi-projected environment that makes use of the props to influence visual and auditory senses which stimulate the physical presence in an imaginary environment.

With the help of Virtual reality app Occulus, people can also use it in the Smartphones also. It is difficult to specify any difference between 3D and Virtual Reality technically. The three-dimensional or 3-D impact is an integral part of Virtual reality. There is a wide-spread use of this technology and apart from the gaming industry; people use technology in academic research, training, communication and developing new models.

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